In my recent post you saw that I am addicted to the Alice Through The Looking Glass Palette. Well needless to say that when I picked that bad boy up I couldn’t help but also pick up one of the limited edition lipsticks from the new collection! There are 5 limited edition lipsticks which are a combination of matte and metalized and vary from a peachy tone to a bold blue shade. I decided to opt for the shade ‘ Mirana’ which is a matte berry shade with tonal shimmer.

This lipstick was £16.00 and is sadly currently out of stock on the website but you may still be able to pick this up in stores. This is quite a bold and dark shade which would be perfect for a night out/evening look. As I’ve found with most Urban Decay lipsticks, the formula is pretty creamy and gives a great colour payoff. I have to admit I’ve only worn it twice so far but have loved it from my first impressions. Each of the 5 lipsticks also comes in the Alice in Wonderland limited edition packaging which is a very bright and bold kaleidoscope effect tube. The rest of the collection includes ‘Alice’, a sheer nude with pink shift, ‘Mad Hatter’, a bright purple shimmer, ‘Time’, a gunmetal navy with silver shimmer and finally ‘Iracebeth’, a bright red matte. When I was in store the nude shade seemed to be incredibly pale and sheer and didn’t have much of a colour payoff unlike the other shades in the collection. I have to admit I am intrigued by the ‘Time’ shade although I don’t know if I dare try a blue lipstick!

DSC_0056 DSC_0059DSC_0063

Have you tried any of the Alice Through The Looking Glass Lipsticks? Are you a fan of Urban Decay’s limited edition collection?




“I’m not strange, weird, off, nor crazy, my reality is just different from yours”

Enter the Alice Through The Looking Glass Eyeshadow Palette! Sure this product may be a little gimmicky for some but my god I think it’s beautiful! I absolutely love the bright colours, the quotes and even the over extravagant and unnecessary pop up butterfly. This is of course the latest eyeshadow palette release from Urban Decay who are absolutely smashing it for me recently. They are such an innovative company who seem to be releasing incredible products one after the other. Whilst this is a limited edition piece and is based on the recently release Alice in Wonderland film, the product inside and the vast variety of shades is anything but limited. Their are such a variety of colours, both neutrals and bold pops of colour as well as a mix of both matte and shimmer shades.

DSC_0080 DSC_0082 DSC_0083

Their is such a combination of colours that can create both an everyday neutrals look as well as a look suited to a night out on the town. The colours are incredibly pigmented, especially the brighter shades and they certainly pack a punch. As with a lot of Urban Decay palettes, there is a little bit of fallout from the shadows and so I would suggest using a primer on the lid beforehand. The palette retails at £43.00 but is currently sold out on the website. My favourite shades so far are Lily which is a perfect inner corner highlight, Reflection which is great as a base colour and Salazen Grum for a pop of colour on the lid. As you may have guessed, all the shades are named after characters and objects from the Alice in Wonderland book. The palette is incredibly versatile and I would definitely recommend getting your hands on this if you can! Beyond the bright and bold packaging is a solid eyeshadow palette which can be put to amazing use!

Have you tried this palette? What are your favourite shades?



I’d like to introduce you to my new favourite concealer and foundation duo! As you may have seen in my recent Birthday post, I was lucky enough to be given the NARS Sheer Glow foundation and NARS radiant creamy concealer for my birthday – two products I had never tried before but had heard great things about. I’m not someone who uses the same foundation or concealer day in, day out, it tends to vary on what kind of coverage I’m after and what I plan on doing that day. On most occasions I’ve recently been using the L’Oreal True Match foundation and alternating this with the MAC Studio Fix foundation. As for concealer, I have about 5 or 6 that I tend to use regularly but am a sucker for the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer.

This NARS duo though is something else. The coverage it gives is incredible. My first test run with it was for my Birthday night out which involved a long night, a meal, drinks and a lot of sweaty dancing. And do you know what…it barely moved an inch! I was so impressed with the coverage and how long it lasted that I almost forgave the price of this duo!

DSC_0043 DSC_0049

NARS concessions are few and far between where I live so I had to guess my shade from the website and also based on the reviews people had given. I decided to plunge for the sheer glow foundation in the shade Ceylon. This shade is described as ‘Light 6’ and is a medium shade with yellow undertones. The shade is pretty spot on to be honest. I like a shade that’s just a little darker than my natural skin tone especially for nights out and this shade definitely hit the spot. The coverage is amazing and like I said, it has great staying power. The formula is quite creamy and applies and blends really easily with my beauty blender. The product leaves you with a lovely natural and glowy finish on the skin (hence the name!). My only small niggle with the product is that it doesn’t come with a pump and you do have to pay extra for this on top of what is already a pricey foundation (£31.00).

DSC_0048 DSC_0046

So underneath my foundation and on a more regular basis I have been using the NARS Radiant creamy concealer in the shade Vanilla. I believe this is the second lightest shade in the collection and on that note, I have to say that I feel both the foundations and concealers come in a great range of colours – there should be something to suit every skin tone which is a definite plus. This concealer is one that has been raved about to me on a regular basis and I was a little sceptical to buy it due to the price of it (£22.00). In comparison to the other concealers I use, this is definitely the most expensive one. I have been very pleasantly surprised though and similar to the foundation, the coverage of this concealer is fantastic and it does cover all my blemishes and breakouts with ease. I still like to use my Seventeen concealer to cover my undereyes as this has a thicker consistency compared to the NARS concealer. Nevertheless, I would buy the NARS concealer again, although I’m pretty sure this one will last me absolutely ages as you only need the tiniest dab for it to take effect.

Needless to say I am now a massive fan of NARS and am on the lookout to try more of their products! I’ve heard great things about their matte skin tint and also their infamous Laguna bronzer!

Have you tried NARS products? How would you rate them?


In case you missed it, it was my 24th Birthday last week! Yay me! I thought I would take some time to reflect on the last 24 years and so I decided to compile a little list of things I’ve learnt and realised in the last 24 years. Of course I’m sure there will be many more lessons to learn in the coming years but here’s what I know now.

  1. Family is the best support network you will ever have – don’t take it for granted.
  2. I will never like mushrooms.
  3. I never did get into the whole drinking scene, I can still take it or leave it.
  4. You will never be prepared enough for all the bills and responsibility that comes with buying a house but it’s so worth it.
  5. Regardless of the above, you will still always have an excuse as to why you need the latest makeup release.
  6. Quality of friends over quantity. The ones that add real value to your life will always be there no matter what.
  7. Your eyesight really does get worse. Stop making excuses, wear those bloody glasses.
  8. Leaving university really wasn’t so bad – you’ve managed to do it solo with the Open University and survived.
  9. Exercise is still the enemy.
  10. You’ve still not tackled the mission of wearing heels for a full night.
  11. You’ve finally accepted that taking your makeup off after a night out is an absolute necessity.
  12. You still haven’t found the perfect eyeliner that doesn’t make your eyes water like mad.
  13. There’s no such thing as too much makeup.
  14. Bath v Shower. Always a bath.
  15. Comparison really is the thief of joy. Stop comparing yourself to other people and follow your own path in life.
  16. Step out of your comfort zone every once in a while, it often isn’t as scary as you first imagined.
  17. You can’t please all of the people all of the time.
  18. Your 5 or 10 year plan doesn’t always go to plan but just go with the flow – life’s a marathon, not a sprint.
  19. You will experience times of pain and suffering in your life but you will come out the other end stronger – nothing in this life is permanent.
  20. Be kind and polite. It costs nothing and might just brighten someone else’s day up.
  21. Let go of the people and things that make you unhappy.
  22. Timing and circumstances will never be perfect – go for it anyway or you will always wonder what if.
  23. There’s enough for everybody – be generous with your belongings, your knowledge and your time.
  24. Be who you want to be.

I’m sure many of you have watched the original video entitled ‘The Power of Makeup’ by Nikkie but for those that haven’t take a look here. I thought this was such a great idea and shows the massive difference that makeup can make to someone’s appearances. Of course I think she looks beautiful both with and without makeup and beauty is only skin deep. I think girls are often given such a hard time for wearing makeup but for me and many other girls it’s very much a comfort blanket. I suffer with bad spots and so I feel more comfortable wearing makeup around people I’m not so confident with. When I go through phases when my skin is a little better than I sometimes wear no makeup at home or even minimal makeup when I’m out.

Before the age of 17/18 I had never even tried makeup so times have certainly changed! It’s not only a case of covering the blemishes that I don’t want people to see but makeup to me is so much more. Makeup is a way of being anybody you want to be. A way of transforming yourself. There is so much creativity and options with makeup and for me it’s like an art. I absolutely love seeing other people’s makeup and the wonderful looks they can create. The perfect eyeliner flick or the perfect contour is something to admire. I don’t feel like girls should be ashamed to wear makeup. You are both beautiful on the inside as well as the outside and if you are confident enough to go barefaced then you go girl. Be who you want to be.

DSC_0101 DSC_0102


DSC_0106 DSC_0108 DSC_0110


Products used: NYX Ultra HD concealer, L’oreal True Match Foundation, Laura Mercier Setting powder, Laura Geller Baked Foundation, ABH Contour Kit, Eyeko Black Magic, NYX Two Timer Eyeliner, Urban Decay Naked Palette, Benefit They’re Real Mascara, KIKO Smart Lipstick, Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker

What does ‘the power of makeup’ mean to you?