Settings powders are an absolute must in my daily makeup routine. I tend to wear more dewy and glossy foundations so they often need setting and mattifying with a powder to ensure they stay on my skin as long as possible. I’ve tried quite a few different powders from a number of different brands and how much I like them does depend on what I’m looking for in a powder on that particular day and does vary from season to season but I’ve found that these 5 setting powders are the ones I reach for most often. I tend to prefer a pressed powder over a loose powder simply because it is less messy and much easier to apply and I find you get a better finish.

This is the one exception to the rule. I find that this powder is very finely milled and gives a very light and silky finish. It is a little messier to dispense and so you have to be a little careful when you tip the powder into the top but you only need a little powder to set your full face. This product is the most expensive of the 5 setting powders, however, I have had this powder the longest and there is still plenty left so I would say in that sense it is worth it. I tend to hit pan on my pressed powders a lot quicker.

I’ve mentioned and raved about this product before. This is a little gem from KIKO that I found not so long ago. It is in a baked formula and in the pan it appears to have a slight shimmer to it but do not be put off! This product gives you such a killer finish. It not only sets your foundation but will also give you a lovely sheen and glow to the skin. Packed with mineral extracts and argan oil, it adds a little extra radiance to your makeup look. This product comes in 6 different shades as well.

The NYX powder is the cheapest of the products in my top 5 and is very easy to apply. It reduces shine and I feel sits nicely on the skin without setting into creases. I haven’t used this product for say a night out, but for day time wear I feel like it has good longevity and I haven’t had the need to top it up. The only downside is they only have a couple of shades so you are a little more restricted in this sense. NYX do have a couple of different powders though and as a brand I would definitely recommend you check them out.

Bare Minerals are renowned for their face products and so I had high expectations with this one and needless to say it didn’t disappoint. I picked this up in the shade Medium and this gives a lovely flawless finish whilst controlling shine and oils from the foundation. I think it gives a great coverage and is also super long lasting. It is again on the more expensive end of the spectrum and I did hit pan quite quickly with this one but the overall quality of the product is really good. They do sell both a pressed and loose version if you have one preference over the other.

I picked this up in the shade Soft Sand which has a slightly yellow tone to it and I find it is really good at giving a nice light finish and is again in the pressed powder format. I have heard that this isn’t so good at reducing shine for particularly oily skin but personally I’ve enjoyed using this product although it is on the expensive side and I feel like I didn’t get too much use out of this before hitting pan. In this sense I guess loose powders are better as they last longer but I simply prefer the application of a pressed formula.



What’s your favourite setting powder? Have you ever tried any of my top 5?




Anyone who knows me knows I have a super sweet tooth. Cakes. Brownies. Chocolates. All of it. Just bring it to me! I would easily choose a dessert over any other course any day of the week. Last year I wrote a little post about the Great British Bake Off and in honour of it returning tonight here’s a little bit of baking inspiration courtesy of Pinterest. For anyone who doesn’t know about this programme (where have you been?), the bake off is an absolute gem of a programme which is essentially a competitive baking show presented by Mel & Sue. It is the perfect mix of humour, drama and also complete envy over the amazing food! It start’s in the UK on BBC One tonight at 8pm!

No Bake Oreo Cheesecake

I am an absolute sucker for cheesecake, it is by far my favourite dessert of all time! Mix that in with one of my favourite biscuits, Oreos and you are onto an absolute winner! This recipe as the name suggests doesn’t need to be baked and also consists of just 6 ingredients. Of course this will be rich AF but my god it looks epic!

Raspberry Roll Cake

Sponge cake filled with fresh raspberries, raspberry jam, and whipped cream. Who wouldn’t want that? With similar ingredients to a Pavlova, this dessert sounds perfect for Summer. Plus, one of your 5 a day surely?

No Bake Strawberry Chocolate Tart

Again this doesn’t need to be baked so should in theory be even easier to make! Chocolate + Strawberries is one of the best combinations in life so I don’t see how this pudding could possibly fail. Plus this little recipe also includes Oreos, there’s a theme here?

Nutella Fudge Brownies

I’ve only recently gotten into Nutella. I know, shoot me. But these brownies are certainly calling my name! They look so indulgent and delicious. This recipe appears to have more ingredients than the others but I’m sure its worth it. I mean heck, looooook at it!


Are you excited for GBBO? Which is your favourite recipe from Pinterest?





I can’t quite believe that this is the 100th blog post that I’ve wrote, and it’s almost a year since I started this blog which is completely crazy! Did I think I would still be writing at this point? In all honesty, no probably not. I’m one of those people who tend to start something and give up very easily so the fact that I’m still here writing away and actually really enjoying it is amazing. In order to celebrate this little milestone I thought I would write a blog post about 100 things that have happened to me during this little adventure so far. Here’s to the next 100!

  1. My first ever blog post  went live…a very awkward introduction!
  2. Me and my boyfriend bought and moved into our first home together
  3. In doing so we definitely put on a few lbs as we had to sample all the local takeaways (obviously)
  4. I think we’ve started and ended about 3 separate health kicks…food wins every time…
  5. We celebrated our first Christmas in the new house and it was magical!
  6. We went to Whitby on New Years Day…bloody freezing not gonna lie.
  7. I have stayed at my current job for nearly 2 years and am actually really quite enjoying it
  8. I have made really good friends with people at said job. They are bloody brilliant.
  9. Works Xmas do with said people ended up being incredibly drunk and dancing around a pole in an 80’s bar. Top night, I think.
  10. Which brings me on to hangovers. There’s been a few. Heck I don’t even really like drinking!
  11. More food. To cure said hangover, obvs.
  12. I still have my little old Nigel (fiat 500) who recently clocked up 10,000 miles. You go Glen Coco.
  13. I let go of the past and wrote about my university/lack of university experience.
  14. After 6 years of independent part-time study. I graduated…finally!
  15. I must be mad because I’ve just agreed to do 2 more years of study for my CLC with work.
  16. I watched my older Brother get married in November.
  17. I said goodbye to my two cats who I’ve had since I was 5
  18. I said hello to my new found love. Meditation.
  19. I’ve bingewatched a number of series on Netflix. Stranger Things. Love. House of Cards.
  20. I also really got into watching documentaries. Blackfish is a must.
  21. I rekindled my love for reading and finally read #girlboss
  22. Makeup. I bought a lot of makeup. Too much and yet still not enough.
  23. I invested in a DSLR and my old laptop was on its last legs so, hello iMac <3
  24. I watched Ferris Buellers Day Off for the first time ever
  25. I confronted my anxiety 
  26. I got a tattoo!
  27. I went to the races and didn’t win a penny
  28. I saw Mumford and Sons live in Leeds
  29. We also saw Gareth Malone in Harrogate for a night of festive fun
  30. We laughed at James Acaster and Tom Stade
  31. We had Christmas Dinner with a total of 12 of us.
  32. We stuffed our faces with many Krispy Kremes. Lotus Biscoff why you so nice?
  33. We went to Griffin Forest for an amazing getaway
  34. I watched every episode of Game of Thrones within weeks.
  35. I bought a lot of eyeshadow palettes
  36. I also discovered KIKO and went a little mad in their sale
  37. I got nominated for a Liebster award
  38. My skin has been on a rollercoaster ride this year
  39. I also went on actual Rollercoasters at Flamingo Land
  40. We also took a trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park
  41. I’ve had blonde, brown, red and purple hair this year
  42. I got addicted to Milky Way crispy rolls
  43. I also got a little addicted to wearing rings
  44. I turned 24 and felt old.
  45. I discovered I can actually cook. Thanks Lean in 15.
  46. I learnt how to contour
  47. I travelled to Texas which was a crazy experience
  48. I will also be travelling to Riga when you read this post.
  49. I bought a lot of NYX and Urban Decay products
  50. I learnt to step out of my comfort zone
  51. I also learnt that comparing myself to others is a waste of time
  52. I turned myself into a fairy princess
  53. We got two bunnies; Buster and Smudge
  54. We also said goodbye to them and sent them to an amazing family
  55. I discovered my love for highlighter. Give me that glow.
  56. I went to a few Huddersfield Town matches
  57. I also encouraged my boyfriend get into blogging about them
  58. I had a lot of LUSH baths
  59. I joined the rest of the world and downloaded Pokemon Go
  60. I caught a Scyther and lost my shit.
  61. I started watching The Office USA (season 4 currently)
  62. I planned a trip for my Dad and Me to go to London
  63. I went to York with work for a day session
  64. I watched a lot of Youtube videos
  65. I fell in love with Helen Anderson and DoddleOddle
  66. I cared less about what other people think
  67. I invested more time in the people I care about
  68. I continued to fall in love with my boyfriend
  69. I spent too much time getting upset about unnecessary things
  70. I got stressed about money
  71. I also got stressed about work
  72. I enjoyed blogging more and more
  73. I grew in confidence in so many aspects of my life
  74. I got a little more organised with my time
  75. I wore stripey tops. A lot.
  76. I ripped at least 3 pairs of jeans
  77. I questioned the future
  78. I dreamt of the past
  79. I donated to charity
  80. I got really nostalgic listening to songs from the 90s
  81. I played World of Warcraft again
  82. I started getting into Instagram
  83. I worked with some great companies
  84. A client at work also described me as ‘an excellent person’. That was cute.
  85. I watched the Eurovision song contest and loved it as always.
  86. We got hooked to Hunted and Doctor Foster
  87. We saw Coldplay live in Manchester
  88. I went to a shooting range
  89. I fell in love with Gail Platt. No explanation needed.
  90. I got incredibly angry watching Making A Murderer.
  91. I got extremely excited when I heard Brendan Dassey’s case was overturned this week.
  92. I also got excited when I heard Bake Off was coming back!
  93. I bought and still haven’t played Cards against Humanity
  94. I forgot it was Easter and subsequently had no Easter eggs.
  95. We booked a trip to Portugal in September
  96. I forgot that the majority of the above actually happened
  97. I appreciated every single moment
  98. I realised that blogging has helped me grow as a person
  99. I realised how lucky I am to have experiences all of this
  100. I looked forward to the year ahead and the next 100 posts.

Thank you to every single person who has read my blog during the last year and the last 100 posts! It means a lot <3