Ok, I know the Warm Neutrals palette has been out for like a gazillion years but I only recently purchased it and I just had to write my thoughts about it. I have read so many reviews on this palette before and was so tempted to give it a go but could never justify spending £65.00 on an eyeshadow palette that is of a similar tonal range to so many other palettes that I own. Then the price came down to £49.50. Then I saw it in duty free for around £45.00 and then I just couldn’t say no. Safe to say, I love this palette. I have described my love for warm neutral shades before. They are my absolute go-to day in, day out. They are such an easy shade to wear no matter the occasion so in my eyes, the more warm neutrals, the better (my bank balance would disagree!).

Although they are few and far between, there are two really lovely matte shades in this palette – Dance in the Dark and Saddle. Dance in the Dark is the deepest shade in the palette, in the top right hand corner. It’s darker than a brown or purple but isn’t quite a black. It’s a great shade to build depth in the outer corner of your eye. Saddle is the shade below, a lovely well-rounded brown matte shade. This is one of my absolute favourites eyeshadow bases as its such a versatile and easy to use shade.

[L-R] Hey, Warm Breeze, Gingersnap, Dark Brew, Dance in the Dark

Next we have the Satin shades. Warm Breeze begins the line up and is a pale pink shade which I would almost class as a matte. It doesn’t have the biggest colour pay off due to its pale nature but is a nice shade to have in the palette nonetheless. Brule is another Satin shade which is a pale beige-tray shade which is great for all over the lid. Butterfudge is a light brown with a slight beige/gold shimmer.

Veluxe Pearl shades are up next. These are some of my favourites from this palette. They are so creamy and soft and they apply like an absolute dream. In this winning formula is Hey, a slightly pink off-white shimmer shade. Lemon Tart, a yellow-gold toned shimmer shade. And Unwind, a beautiful olive-khaki shade with a lovely shimmer running through it.

[L-R] Brule, Vanilla Extract, Honey Lust, Amber Lights, Saddle

Bring on the Frosts. These are an absolute dream <3 Ginger Snap is a lovely metallic rose/berry shade. Vanilla Extract is a lovely light gold shade, perfect for an inner corner highlight. Then Amber Lights, one of my staples in this palette. It’s a bright golden-orange shade with incredible colour payoff. These are my absolute favourite eyeshadow tones!

Making up the Velvet shades are Dark Brew, a deep chocolate shade with small flecks of pink sparkle and Divine Decadence, a dark brown shade with slight red undertones to it.

[L-R] Lemon Tart, Creative Copper, Butterfudge, Divine Decadence, Unwind

Last but by no means least are the Lustre shades. Honey Lust is a peachy bronze shade packed full of shimmer. I’m not so keen on the finish of this one as it’s quite hard to build up to anything special. Creative Copper is a much better Lustre shade that really does pack a punch. This seems much more creamy than Honey Lust and is easier to apply. It’s a lovely copper shade to give that extra pizazz to your makeup.

Overall this palette is really beautiful and considering the reduced price, I really couldn’t fault it. There are a lovely mix of shades but all staying within the ‘warm neutrals’ category so you can mix and match to your hearts content. There are some really pretty matte shades and the shimmers are too die for and really do give an excellent colour payoff. In terms of pre-made palette vs make it yourself, I do think that you would use most of the shades in this palette and there are no offensive or really disappointing shades. In terms of price point, you are really making a great saving by buying a pre made palette instead. For anyone who loves warm neutral shades as much as I do then I would definitely recommend this palette!




If you missed my post last month about Nutribuddy and my first impressions then head over here. I have been trialling their weight loss kit for the last 14 days and wanted to give you my honest account of the product and what it has done for me. As detailed in my first impressions post, the kit contains enough sculpting whey powder, multivitamins and hunger fix tablets to last you the full course. I decided to opt for the Chocolate flavour because lord knows I have a sweet tooth! Of course it doesn’t taste exactly like a chocolate bar, however, I actually really enjoyed the flavour and it wasn’t something that I tired of.

I have previously tried diet shakes before and haven’t been keen on the flavour and sometimes they can be a little chalky but this certainly wasn’t the case with this  powder. I was also provided with a shaker and a scoop so it’s incredibly easy to measure out and make your drinks and takes no time at all. For me, the greatest benefit of this powder is that it is incredibly flexible and you can adapt it into your lifestyle as little or as much as you like. I decided to use it as a meal replacement for my breakfast on weekdays and a lunch replacement on weekends. Normally I would have a warm bowl of porridge before heading to work and so it was slightly unusual to be drinking a shake but it was very easy to adapt into this new lifestyle. I actually really struggle ensuring I drink enough liquids throughout the day and so it actually really benefited me consuming such a large volume of liquid before my day had properly started. Plus, the fact that it was chocolate flavoured definitely helped!

You can mix the shakes with water or milk, depending on your preference. I personally opted for half water and half soya milk to ensure a good balance of creaminess and also keeping an eye on my calories. That’s another great benefit of the shakes, there are only around 115 calories per shake so it’s an incredibly effective way of feeling full and fantastic without a large intake of calories.

For me, the hidden gem of the kit was the multivitamins. Now vitamins and tablets isn’t something I’ve ever taken before but taking a daily tablet quickly became normal and I really did see the benefits almost immediately. I have mentioned on here before about my bouts of acne and I have definitely noticed a reduction in my breakouts in the last 2 weeks, something I believe is down to taking these multivitamins as not much else has changed in my daily lifestyle.

The hunger fix tablets can be consumed 15 minutes – 1 hour before you are due to eat a meal. You can take either 1 or 2 tablets but you must ensure that you drink a full glass of water for each tablet. I tried the tablets a couple of times and they definitely reduced my hunger pangs. I did still want to eat and maintain a normal eating routine throughout the two weeks so I didn’t use the tablets too extensively but for anyone who is wanting a kick start or that extra boost then these are definitely worth a try.

So over the course of the 14 days I lost 4 pounds in weight and have definitely toned up on my stomach and arms. I would definitely consider that a success!

Overall, I really liked the kit and I think it is a really well rounded way to start your weight loss process and it is really easy to maintain. The shakes are really nice and are a lot better than other brands that I have tried before. The multivitamins and hunger fix tablets are additional resources that you can use to keep your hunger at bay and to ensure that you are taking in all the essential nutrients to get you through the day. I definitely think that the kit works and for anyone who is interested you can give Nutribuddy a try for yourself here.



I can’t be the only one who suffers from this. They are so beautiful. I’m obsessed. That’s right, we’re talking coffee table books. Now of course the content inside is important but I also bloody love a pretty book. I’m so attracted to a book based on its cover and I know that totally defeats the point of the notorious saying, ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ but y’know. At school and to be honest even now, I really love history and so when my two loves of pretty books and history are combined, I’m in love. I got these books ages ago but I still absolutely love them. I have the forties, fifties, sixties and seventies in pictures. They’re basically a photo diary of the decade with brief little explanations behind the photos. I just love these sorts of books – combining beauty and knowledge!

Next up and this one is going to seem really, really weird. I love packaging. I love advertising and marketing and the way brands like to portray themselves. So naturally I have a book about 1000 package designs. I know, I’m sounding more and more weird as I go on. This book is a small guide to loads and loads of packaging designs from different beauty brands, food brands, everything. It’s incredibly aesthetically pleasing and is just a lovely book to dip in and out of. As I no longer work in advertising or marketing I can’t say it’s of any real use to me anymore but it’s still really pretty.

Last but by no means least is one of my favourite books of all time. Information is Beautiful. This is my ultimate coffee table book. It is packed full of infographics (graphic visual representation of information). Thereby mixing my love for information and pretty visuals. This book is an absolute gem for all of you out there with a hidden nerdy side! It is such a beautiful and well presented book and it features so many different topics, some a lot more random than others. For example, a visual aid of the facial hair worn by different dictators, the ratio of ingredients in different salad dressings and even the meanings of each colour around the world. Of course some of the information will be completely useless to you but for me I found it incredibly fascinating and it it such a beautiful book to own and have on display.


Do you enjoy coffee table books? Which would you recommend?