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Earlier in the week I tried out some lipstick dupes for Kat Von D and ColourPop…now it’s the turn of TooFaced. TooFaced have this year released the Melted Matte Liquified Long Wear Matte Lipstick – quite a mouthful to say. This beautiful collection has a whole host of colours to try but as someone who is a sucker for neutral and brown shades I thought I would specifically try the dupes out for the shades Child Star, Queen B and Naughty by Nature.



Child Star is a peachy-beige nude with an ultra matte finish. It is quite a pale and understated colour which could be worn day to day. The formula of these dupes are quite tacky and the lips do stick together a little when you press them together, however, this is a flaw that I’ve read is similar to the original TooFaced range. Although this shade was pale and a little more forgiving, you could still see cracks and patches on the lips and these showed up quite quickly so the longevity of these are not great.



This shade is a really pretty mauve colour with a pinky-purple cool undertone. In terms of colour, I feel this shade was a good dupe for the original. In terms of formula, the same problems occurred as with Child Star. The formula was quite drying and cracks begun to show pretty quickly. It also had the same tacky/sticky texture so as soon as the lips stuck together the product separated even more and the patchiness was really evident. The amount you’d have to top up with this product to try and make it work isn’t feasible which is a shame because the colour itself is nice.



Naughty by Nature is a dark brown shade with deep undertones. This dupe came pretty close in terms of colour. However, in terms of formula, this dupe had the same consistency and texture as Child Star and Queen B. Unfortunately as this shade is so much darker it was definitely not as forgiving. The tackiness of the product meant that the colour pulled almost instantly when the lips touched together. If you were to even attempt to drink or eat while this dupe was on, I worry about the consequences. Below is a picture of how much it had transferred when I tried to pucker my lips a few times to test it out. It’s so, so bad. I mean I literally look like I have some sort of disease. The colour match on these dupes are great but the formula is terrible, like beyond unwearable. Of course these are dupes and so the results are always going to vary and are likely to be very different to the original.


Have you tried the TooFaced Melted Matte lipsticks? Are the results anything like the dupes?


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