7 beauty hacks to make your face glow this festive season | Guest Post

With the holidays just around the corner, it is time to do something to make your face divine and your strut full of confidence and gorgeousness (just as it should be).

Not that you are a stranger to beauty tricks, but have confidence that, this season – you’ll be looking even better than you have in the months before. Why? Well, we’ve saved up a few tricks to share and help you channel your inner beauty queen at every party to come. Apply them and your presence will spruce up any festivity in the upcoming season – be sure of it.

Without much further ado, we’re giving you the essence of beauty below:

Get Yourself a Facial

Winter be winter – it’ll always make you scream with a flaky scalp and an irritated face! We hate it as much as you do. To prevent the winter messing up your beauty game – make sure you care for your skin during the winter, and all the harsh weather that can wreak havoc. A simple facial can do more than just rejuvenate; it will make you glow, from inside out. It’s something about confidence that’s making us sparkle, don’t you think?

Treat Your Eyes

Your eyes are perhaps one of the first signs that give away how tired and exhausted you are. Instead of having people guess whether you are falling apart from spending hours on end in the courtroom or whether you’ve just had a series of poor choices (Friday tequila shots, we’re looking at you!), make sure to drink some mint tea. Afterward, use the teabags on your tired eyelids to breathe life into them. So simple and yet – so effective! We just love these little organic remedies.

Use Your Favourite Highlighter

If you are in a rush, opt for a highlighter to give your face a glow on the go. You can hide blemishes easily, and make sure you look your best, no matter where you’re headed. Be careful not to overdo it, though – as contouring takes patience and a steady hand. If you have no patience to bother with contouring, a few simple strokes on your cheekbones, chin and temples will do the trick. Use your fingers to blend and – voila!

Take Some Time to Tan

Yeah, you’ve read it right. Take a few minutes a day to feed your skin the necessary Vitamin D and treat your pores with the care they deserve. Just because it’s winter, it doesn’t mean you should hide. City parks are great for thoughtful walks and pondering, so use this natural advantage to get a bit of a tan. Make sure to use warmer weather to uncover a bit; you’ll feel great and your body will thank you.

Give Your Toner a Go

Unless you invest in your skin daily, you cannot expect it to glow with confidence and youth. Simple homemade toners are a great way to rejuvenate and give your skin the treatment it deserves. A word of caution – always try your concoction out before applying it, just to avoid any rashes or unwanted burns.

Flash a Hearty Smile

Nothing will make your face glow or give it such an intense dose of attractiveness like a warm heartfelt smile; are your teeth in good shape, though? We get it, yes. Not everyone was blessed with a set of pearly whites but hey – there’s always a way to fix things. Luckily, as expert cosmetic dentists from Sydney observe, dental fixes are very easy to perform these days and help you get the smile you won’t want to take off! And guess what? Not only they are quick to solve the problems, but they are not painful anymore.

Take Some Time to Exercise

Believe it or not, exercising, even during the colder months, is good for your skin. The more you perspire the better, as it will help flush out toxins and open up your pores like it’s nobody’s business. Use the green areas in your town for a morning jog (since it’s not that cold), and start sweatin’!

A little bit of care every day can go a long way, and it will be positively reflected on your face. People will notice the glow, be sure of it. Make some time for taking care of yourself and avoid excuses – excuses are the worst enemy of all determination.



This post is very kindly written by Zara, a freelance writer and fitness & yoga enthusiast, passionate about traveling, hiking and cycling. You can read more of her articles on High Style Life, where she regularly contributes.



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    Gotta love highlighter for an instant skin pick me up xx

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