MAC Warm Neutral Eyeshadow Palette Review

Ok, I know the Warm Neutrals palette has been out for like a gazillion years but I only recently purchased it and I just had to write my thoughts about it. I have read so many reviews on this palette before and was so tempted to give it a go but could never justify spending £65.00 on an eyeshadow palette that is of a similar tonal range to so many other palettes that I own. Then the price came down to £49.50. Then I saw it in duty free for around £45.00 and then I just couldn’t say no. Safe to say, I love this palette. I have described my love for warm neutral shades before. They are my absolute go-to day in, day out. They are such an easy shade to wear no matter the occasion so in my eyes, the more warm neutrals, the better (my bank balance would disagree!).

Although they are few and far between, there are two really lovely matte shades in this palette – Dance in the Dark and Saddle. Dance in the Dark is the deepest shade in the palette, in the top right hand corner. It’s darker than a brown or purple but isn’t quite a black. It’s a great shade to build depth in the outer corner of your eye. Saddle is the shade below, a lovely well-rounded brown matte shade. This is one of my absolute favourites eyeshadow bases as its such a versatile and easy to use shade.

[L-R] Hey, Warm Breeze, Gingersnap, Dark Brew, Dance in the Dark

Next we have the Satin shades. Warm Breeze begins the line up and is a pale pink shade which I would almost class as a matte. It doesn’t have the biggest colour pay off due to its pale nature but is a nice shade to have in the palette nonetheless. Brule is another Satin shade which is a pale beige-tray shade which is great for all over the lid. Butterfudge is a light brown with a slight beige/gold shimmer.

Veluxe Pearl shades are up next. These are some of my favourites from this palette. They are so creamy and soft and they apply like an absolute dream. In this winning formula is Hey, a slightly pink off-white shimmer shade. Lemon Tart, a yellow-gold toned shimmer shade. And Unwind, a beautiful olive-khaki shade with a lovely shimmer running through it.

[L-R] Brule, Vanilla Extract, Honey Lust, Amber Lights, Saddle

Bring on the Frosts. These are an absolute dream <3 Ginger Snap is a lovely metallic rose/berry shade. Vanilla Extract is a lovely light gold shade, perfect for an inner corner highlight. Then Amber Lights, one of my staples in this palette. It’s a bright golden-orange shade with incredible colour payoff. These are my absolute favourite eyeshadow tones!

Making up the Velvet shades are Dark Brew, a deep chocolate shade with small flecks of pink sparkle and Divine Decadence, a dark brown shade with slight red undertones to it.

[L-R] Lemon Tart, Creative Copper, Butterfudge, Divine Decadence, Unwind

Last but by no means least are the Lustre shades. Honey Lust is a peachy bronze shade packed full of shimmer. I’m not so keen on the finish of this one as it’s quite hard to build up to anything special. Creative Copper is a much better Lustre shade that really does pack a punch. This seems much more creamy than Honey Lust and is easier to apply. It’s a lovely copper shade to give that extra pizazz to your makeup.

Overall this palette is really beautiful and considering the reduced price, I really couldn’t fault it. There are a lovely mix of shades but all staying within the ‘warm neutrals’ category so you can mix and match to your hearts content. There are some really pretty matte shades and the shimmers are too die for and really do give an excellent colour payoff. In terms of pre-made palette vs make it yourself, I do think that you would use most of the shades in this palette and there are no offensive or really disappointing shades. In terms of price point, you are really making a great saving by buying a pre made palette instead. For anyone who loves warm neutral shades as much as I do then I would definitely recommend this palette!




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