NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Collection

NYX Soft matte lip cream

I’m certain that you’ve all heard about the NYX Soft matte lip cream by now, heck, every man and his dog seems to love this product. But the truth is…it really is worth the hype. I love NYX as a brand, they’re affordable, accessible to the normal gal, great colours and also great quality. I’ve tried a number of their products but for me, the soft matte lip creams are definitely one of their best!

With 34 shades, there is definitely plenty to go at. From the nudest of nudes to a show stopping blue, the soft matte lip cream collection is packed full of different shades. Of course, you know I love my nudes and so the majority of my collection is just that, nude. Nevertheless, the shades I do own are ones that I can wear day in, day out. I get so much wear out of these lip creams and at £5.50, they are definitely worth the money!

Needless to say, these lip creams have a matte finish but unlike a lot of lip products on the market, these are not too drying. They are quite creamy to apply but dry down pretty quickly. They are non transferable and seem to last a good few hours without budging. Sure they don’t last all night but for £5.50, they do a really good job and outlast a lot of higher end matte products.

I may not be able to visit the places in real life, but when I open my makeup drawer on a daily basis I can choose from Stockholm, San Paulo, Abu Dhabi, Ibiza and Rome. The options are endless.

[L-R] Rome, Ibiza, Abu Dhabi, San Paulo, Stockholm

Rome is a medium nude with a plum-red undertone. I love to wear this shade for a night out, it’s like a dusky rose tone – very classy. Ibiza definitely lives up to it’s reputation. It’s bold and its bright. It’s a deep rose-pink shade which adds an extra pop up colour to your makeup look. Definitely not for the feint hearted! Abu Dhabi is a nude lovers dream. This is just perfect for day to day wear. It’s like your lip colour but better. Very understated but I love it. San Paulo is the newest addition to my collection. It’s a lovely plum tone, slightly darker than Rome and not as bright as Ibiza.  It’s a shade that I feel can be dressed up or dressed down, very versatile! Last but by no means least is Stockholm. This is the first soft matte lip cream that I picked up and is still a popular choice of mine. It’s a really pretty and subtle mid tone beige pink shade. It’s a similar shade to Abu Dhabi but with more of a pink undertone. Again, a perfect choice for day to day wear.

Safe to say I’m a huge fan of the soft matte lip cream range and no doubt there will be more additions to my collection!

Have you tried them before? If so let me know which is your favourite shade!



  1. April 18, 2017 / 8:55 am

    I adore these so much. I have quite a lot of shades, but as I now have a NYX counter near me, I bet I will own so many more! x

    Lily | http://www.pintsizedbeauty.com

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