Battle of the Liquid Eyeliners

I’m a huge fan of liquid eyeliners. It’s a complete staple item in my makeup collection and when I can be bothered, I try to perfect the winged cat eye look as best as I can. I am, it has to be said, pretty clumsy and so perfecting this look can be a little tricky but is definitely helped if you have a great product to begin with. I thought I would write a post about the eyeliners I have tried and the pros and cons of each of them!

Supercat Liner from Soap and Glory 

For a long time, this has been my absolute go-to liquid eyeliner. At £5.50, it is very reasonably priced and it is really easy to use, even for an eyeliner novice. It has a really thick nib and helps to create a perfect cat eye look. For those who prefer a thinner and more precise line, this may not be the one for you. For those who want to look like a supercat, then this is the one for you.

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner

For many, this is the holy grail liner and I have to admit I am aa huge fan. The KVD liner has a much more precise nib but still delivers great pigmentation and a jet black colour. It is, however, on the more expensive end of the spectrum and can be picked up for around £16.00. For those who are serious about their eyeliner game and regularly go for this look, then this product is definitely a worthy investment.

[L-R] Supercat, Kat Von D, NYX Two Timer, Eyeko Skinny, NYX Vivid Brights

NYX Two Timer Dual Ended Liner 

When I first picked this up, I thought wow, a dual liner for £8? Seemed pretty good at the time, however, this is one product from NYX that I don’t really use anymore and have found faults with. The liquid liner isn’t particularly pigmented and has sadly dried out very quickly. There’s nothing more annoying than doing a perfect line only for it to be faded and having to try go over it again seamlessly. I’ve also found that both ends tend to smudge quite easily and this is a factor that I tend to steer away from in an eyeliner. Sadly for me, this product is a miss.

Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner

Rumour has it, this is the eyeliner favoured by the original eyeliner queen Alexa Chung. Although it’s nicknamed ‘Skinny’, I would still consider the nib of this liner to be a little on the thick side, a factor that I do like. It’s very easy to apply and is incredibly precise. It is also a pure black ink and has a really nice finish. At £16.00, this has the same price tag as the KVD liner. They both give you a really lovely and clean finish and I would personally say if you prefer a thinner nib to opt for the Kat Von D liner and if you prefer a thicker applicator then the Eyeko liner would be more preferable.

NYX Vivid Brights Eyeliner

On a day to day basis I would always opt for a jet black liner, however, if you are feeling a little more adventurous then NYX offers up a solution with their Vivid Brights range. I picked one of these up in the shade Vivid Sapphire, a very striking blue colour. Unlike the normal and my more preferred pen method, this product is a brush style applicator which can take some getting used too. However, the colour range is really nice and the product looks great on. The pigmentation is really bright and is perfect for a party/festival look. This range is also priced at £5.50 so won’t be breaking the bank!


It all depends what kind of features you look for in liquid eyeliners as to which will be most suited to you but I hope my battle of the eyeliners helped you narrow down your choice! Let me know in the comments if you have tried any of these or if you have a preferred eyeliner which is not on this list!



  1. Jen
    April 22, 2017 / 8:02 pm

    I remember swatching the tattoo liner in Sephora in Barcelona and it was amazing! shame I’m absolutely pants at applying though haha!
    Jen, Velvet Spring. xo

  2. Sally
    April 25, 2017 / 4:21 pm

    I absolutely love the Kat Von D liner, I have oily lids and used to really struggle with liner but this one stays on so well! Definitely going to check out the NYX ones though for when I want a pop of colour!

    The Makeup Directory

  3. June 2, 2017 / 6:16 pm

    The Kat Von D eyeliner here looks like the best one in terms of pigmentation on your hand, a great matte black and one that won’t fade.

    Laura xo

  4. June 5, 2017 / 2:22 pm

    I never really got on with soap and glory 🙁 I’m more of a cosmetic fan for them rather than their makeup. I’m really disappointed to hear about NYX, I’ve never tried their eyeliner but they usually come off on top for me so this sucks. I’m currently using one by L’Oreal and I love it so not sure I’ll change! Thanks for sharing!

    Y x
    The Sweet Seven Five

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