I was recently contacted by the lovely PR team at Organic & Botanic – a brand new cruelty free skincare company which prides itself on using no parabens and no harmful preservatives in its products. I was very kindly sent the Amazonian Berry Shea Butter Body Cream and the Amazonian Berry Protecting Day Moisturiser to try out.

First things first, they both smell absolutely incredible. I absolutely love the sweet smell of berries so this is right up my street. The glass packaging is very simple but elegant and classy at the same time. They also came in a lovely brown card packaging which was really nice and avoided any unnecessary waste. I can’t stand companies that send products with loads of excess packaging!

Let’s start with the Amazonian Berry Shea Butter Body Cream. This comes in a 100ml size pot and as soon as your open the jar it literally smells heavenly. It’s such a lovely scent. The product is really nice and thick which is exactly what I look for in a body cream. I particularly like to use a body cream when my skin is feeling a little drier than normal and needs a little bit of a boost. The formula is really rejuvenating and is perfect for tired and worn out skin. Considering how thick the product is, it dries relatively quickly and doesn’t feel at all greasy or oily on the skin which I really like. It’s made up of ethically sourced natural and organic ingredients and is also vegan friendly so if you feel particularly passionate about the source of your products and ingredients then this is a really lovely brand to try. It is on the more expensive end of the spectrum with the body cream on sale for £55.36 so it wouldn’t be a product that I would use everyday, it would be more of a luxurious treat when my skin really needs a pick me up. If you know someone who is passionate about luxury organic products then this would be a lovely Christmas gift idea.


On to the Amazonian Berry Protecting Day Moisturiser. This comes in a smaller pot, 50ml in size. This has the same scent as the body cream and is really refreshing. The consistency isn’t as thick and is great for application to your face. It’s quite light and dries really quickly. It aims to shield the skin from environmental stress and help to maintain a radiant complexion. It definitely succeeds in doing this, it has a slight gloss to the product which makes your skin feel really glowy and nice without being sticky. Again I would use this on my face if my skin was feeling particularly dry that day or if I needed a product to replenish and rejuvenate my skin. This is again quite pricy especially for a smaller sized tub retailing at £57.06 for 50ml. However, it is a really lovely product that perks your skin up and makes it feel silky soft as well as keeping it hydrated.

For anyone that loves natural and organic products then it is definitely worth a visit to their site.

Have you tried organic skincare before? Would you buy it again?