So a couple of weeks back I was very kindly sent some skincare products from FrezyDerm to try as I recently wrote a post about my struggle with acne on their inspired by you blog. It was a really great experience where I got to share and relive my experiences of growing up and suffering with acne and how I feel now. For anyone who is currently suffering with acne or any kind of skin concerns or problems then I would definitely suggest you take a look at their blog. It’s a really lovely and friendly corner of the internet to go and get advice and also read about other peoples experiences of the same problems.

Frezyderm skincare

Anyway on to the skincare! Due to my skin being prone to breakouts and acne flare ups I was very kindly sent a couple of products from their specialist acne range – the peel off mask, the active foam plus cleanser and the total control cream. I have been using these products together every day for the last couple of weeks and they have worked a dream! I’ve made a very conscious effort to maintain the use of these products daily and I have definitely felt the benefit. The foam cleanser is a really lovely, gentle way to remove any lasting makeup on your skin and to also dig deep and remove any dirt or excess product left on your skin. It also moisturises the skin, leaving it silky soft and inhibits any inflammation. It’s also a huge bottle and at £12.50 is a lot more affordable than many specialist skincare brands.

The peel-off mask is a more intensive treatment that I like to use 1-2 a week. Dirt, sebum and blackheads are pulled from the skin when you peel off the mask. The product is grey in colour and dries really well all over the face. I leave it on for 15-20 minutes to get the best results. I find it weirdly satisfying seeing all the dirt that comes out of my skin after pulling this bad boy off!

Lastly, the total control cream is a specialised formula to help treat mild, moderate and even severe acne. This has to be my favourite product of the three, not least because of the amazing packing – it’s like a test tube inside a transparent case! The formula includes acacia and salicylic acid which helps to reduce inflammation and also fight off acne causing bacteria. The product has a slight blue tinge to it but applies seamlessly and mattifies the skin reducing the appearance of acne and cysts. It feels really cool when applying to the skin and soothes any redness. I’ve been using this product every night before bed and have definitely felt the benefits of it and my skin is a lot calmer in a morning and has a lovely natural glow to it.

If you are looking to try something different to help with any skin concerns you have then I would definitely recommend giving FrezyDerm a try!  





Now this might seem like stating the obvious, but I cannot tell you how many times I’ve gone to bed without removing my makeup…disgusting I know. Now I’ve gotten a lot better with this and the main reason I used to go to bed with a face full of makeup and panda eyes was because I’d been on a night out and was too lazy or had forgotten to remove it before bed. As you can probably imagine, looking in the mirror the next morning is quite the experience. If you don’t remove your makeup then your poor skin will become clogged up and won’t be able to breathe. Leaving your makeup on over night regularly will also speed up the ageing process. Not only do I make a conscious effort to remove my makeup before going to bed, I have also changed the way I remove my makeup. I used to be a one face wipe kind of girl but gone are the days I use face wipes! I swear by the Garnier micellar cleansing water along with some cotton pads. It’s a really soothing formula and isn’t too drying on the skin.


Now the beauty mantra is ‘if you’ve spent time putting it on, then take time taking it off’. It seems obvious when you say it like that but quite often we don’t make enough time to really nourish and look after our skin when we take our makeup off. I’m the ultimate lazy girl when it comes to skincare and so incorporating these little steps have taken a little time but double cleansing has definitely done my skin the world of good! Plus, you wouldn’t believe how much product is still on your skin after the first cleanse! I am currently loving the Clinique Pep-Start 2 in 1 Exfoliating cleanser which has a lovely fresh orange smell. The orange coloured formula has a gel like consistency and has little exfoliating beads within it. I love that this product both exfoliates the skin and removes any dead skin but also gives you lovely soft skin and a radiant glow. Next up I’ve been using the Clinique Anti-Blemish solutions Cleansing foam. Now this is a new product to me but I absolutely love it. I suffer from acne prone skin so I feel this product really targets my problem areas and as its a foam formula, it’s incredibly soft on even the most sensitive of skin.


I never used to moisturise. I have combination skin with breakouts of acne and so I never really deemed it necessary for me to moisturise as my skin was never particularly dry as such. However, it is vital for all skin types to keep their skin hydrated at all times, especially in the Winter. I love to apply a moisturiser before I get into bed to keep my skin hydrated over night and for my skin to do all the work whilst I sleep. I am currently loving Origins High Potency Night-A-Mins which is classed as a renewal cream. The product is quite thick in texture but not too heavy or sticky. It absorbs into the skin really easily and again has quite a citrusy smell. I picked this up on Black Friday and have been using it every night since. It has definitely made my skin feel more refreshed and glowy and surprisingly I’ve found that it has also reduced the appearance of my acne scars – an unexpected result.

What are your skincare game changers?



I was recently contacted by the lovely PR team at Organic & Botanic – a brand new cruelty free skincare company which prides itself on using no parabens and no harmful preservatives in its products. I was very kindly sent the Amazonian Berry Shea Butter Body Cream and the Amazonian Berry Protecting Day Moisturiser to try out.

First things first, they both smell absolutely incredible. I absolutely love the sweet smell of berries so this is right up my street. The glass packaging is very simple but elegant and classy at the same time. They also came in a lovely brown card packaging which was really nice and avoided any unnecessary waste. I can’t stand companies that send products with loads of excess packaging!

Let’s start with the Amazonian Berry Shea Butter Body Cream. This comes in a 100ml size pot and as soon as your open the jar it literally smells heavenly. It’s such a lovely scent. The product is really nice and thick which is exactly what I look for in a body cream. I particularly like to use a body cream when my skin is feeling a little drier than normal and needs a little bit of a boost. The formula is really rejuvenating and is perfect for tired and worn out skin. Considering how thick the product is, it dries relatively quickly and doesn’t feel at all greasy or oily on the skin which I really like. It’s made up of ethically sourced natural and organic ingredients and is also vegan friendly so if you feel particularly passionate about the source of your products and ingredients then this is a really lovely brand to try. It is on the more expensive end of the spectrum with the body cream on sale for £55.36 so it wouldn’t be a product that I would use everyday, it would be more of a luxurious treat when my skin really needs a pick me up. If you know someone who is passionate about luxury organic products then this would be a lovely Christmas gift idea.


On to the Amazonian Berry Protecting Day Moisturiser. This comes in a smaller pot, 50ml in size. This has the same scent as the body cream and is really refreshing. The consistency isn’t as thick and is great for application to your face. It’s quite light and dries really quickly. It aims to shield the skin from environmental stress and help to maintain a radiant complexion. It definitely succeeds in doing this, it has a slight gloss to the product which makes your skin feel really glowy and nice without being sticky. Again I would use this on my face if my skin was feeling particularly dry that day or if I needed a product to replenish and rejuvenate my skin. This is again quite pricy especially for a smaller sized tub retailing at £57.06 for 50ml. However, it is a really lovely product that perks your skin up and makes it feel silky soft as well as keeping it hydrated.

For anyone that loves natural and organic products then it is definitely worth a visit to their site.

Have you tried organic skincare before? Would you buy it again?  



Hey guys! Apologies for the slightly delayed blog post – I’ve been ill this week and so blogging had to take a little bit of a backseat unfortunately! However, I wanted to write today about a beautiful set of products I received just before I went away on holiday. The lovely people at Jurlique very kindly sent me a selection of their amazing products from their Rose range to try out. Firstly, the packaging and way the products were all displayed was beautiful and would make an incredible gift…*hint, hint* Christmas!

Amidst this beautiful packaging was their Rose Moisture Plus Moisturising Cream, Rose Silk Finishing Powder and the Rosewater Balancing Mist. They all came in a pretty pink/white box and looked really feminine and chic. I was most excited about the Rose Silk Finishing Powder as I absolutely love setting powders and am always on the hunt for a new favourite. Let’s start with this one first! The powder is translucent and aims to refine complexion as well as reducing any unwanted shine. It certainly succeeded at that! I’ve been using this recently over both my Seventeen Stay Time Foundation and also tried it over the Bourjois 123 Perfect foundation whilst I was on holiday. The powder set my makeup really nicely into a lovely matte finish and reduced the excess shine from my foundation. My skin was left feeling really soft and silky and the product definitely lives up to its name. The product comes with a powder puff or you can also use a normal powder brush for application. Their products are also all made from natural ingredients so if this is something that you feel particularly passionate about then Jurlique is a great brand to choose.

Next up is the Rosewater balancing mist which comes in a lovely little glass bottle that is perfect for travelling and was amazing whilst I was on holiday. Sometimes, especially when I’m on holiday and not wearing as much makeup I love to just have a product that makes me feel rejuvenated and gives my skin that little kick and re-boot it needs to feel refreshed. This is that product. The smell is really lovely and makes you feel instantly relaxed. It keeps your skin hydrated throughout the day and it is especially lovely to spritz on on a warm day. A little really goes a long way with this product and I feel like this will last me ages! I don’t know of many brands that have a product like this so it’s definitely perfect to have something like this in your bag on the go.

Last but by no means least is the Rose Moisture Plus Moisturising Cream. With Autumn, Winter and the colder months approaching, a moisturising cream is an absolute must. This little gem has the benefits of both hydrating the skin but is also packed full of antioxidants. It’s a non greasy formula and leaves your skin feeling really supple and soft. Similarly to the balancing mist, you only need a tiny bit of product to reap the benefits and this tube will last me absolutely ages. I have combination skin and this is great for me and I feel it would also really make a difference to someone suffering with dry skin as it is such a hydrating product. Like the other products this has a lovely floral smell of roses which gives it an added touch and instantly makes you feel that little bit more relaxed.

I absolutely love the products I very kindly received from Jurlique and cannot wait to use them even more in the coming months. Let me know in the comments which is your favourite and if you’ve ever used Jurlique products before!



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Throughout my teenage years I really neglected my skin and other than a quick splash of water and maybe the odd bit of moisturiser, I never had a proper skincare routine. As a result I feel like my skin really suffered. I’ve spoken before about my outbreaks of acne which taunts my skin. Sadly I’m currently having the worst outbreak that I can remember and its absolutely causing havoc with my makeup routine and also my emotions. In all honesty I think this is outbreak is probably as a result of hormones, stress and also eating too much sugary/dairy foods. Hopefully it will start to ease in disappear but in the meantime, here’s the skincare products that I’ve been using throughout the Summer.


GARNIER MICELLAR WATER– I’ve been using micellar water for quite some time to remove makeup as I’d read so many negative posts about the effects of using makeup wipes. This particular micellar water is really kind to skin, even if you have super sensitive skin. It’s really good at removing makeup, even stubborn eye makeup and I find that it doesn’t strip your face and leave it really dry. It’s really gentle and leaves your face feeling really refreshed.

NIP + FAB DRAGON’S BLOOD CLEANSING PADS– I really like the Nip + Fab range of products in particular these cleansing pads. I use this when I want more of a deep clean and don’t use them everyday. They are packed with salicylic and hyaluronic acids which helps cleanse pores and also helps with blemishes. Some makeup pads are drying but I find these quite hydrating for the skin.

thumb_DSC_0022_1024 6


BIORE DEEP PORE CHARCOAL CLEANSER– I picked this little gem up on an absolute whim at the supermarket. Charcoal cleansers seem to be all the range at the moment and I’ve heard about the benefits this has on problematic skin like mine. I much prefer cleansers like these as opposed to the greasier balm type cleansers. After removing this from my face my skin feels so clean and smooth!

LA ROCHE-POSAY EFFACLAR CLEANSING GEL– I’ve spoken about my love for the La Roche-Posay brand before and how it works wonders for the skin. Their products are all tried, tested and recommended by dermatologists. This particular product aims to gently cleanse the skin, eliminate impurities and excess sebum to leave the skin clear and feeling refreshed. It certainly does and its equally fascinating and disgusting to see all your pores highlighted and being cleansed whilst using this product. You really see it work!

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LA ROCHE-POSAY EFFACLAR CLARIFYING TONER– This is also part of the 3 step anti blemish system that the brand promotes. This toner helps to remove any excess makeup or product that is left on your face after cleansing. It’s very gentle on acne prone skin. It also includes salicylic acid to help reduce any remaining imperfections.

BOTANICS ALL BRIGHT PURIFYING FACE SCRUB– Botanics is the Boots own brand full of all natural products at incredibly affordable prices! This face scrub is £2 for 75ml! This scrub is packed full of walnut shells and apricot seeds to help exfoliate and remove any dead skin you may have. Botanics has a lot of different ranges to suit any skin type so I would definitely recommend them!

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ORIGINS GINZING ENERGY BOOSTING MOISTURISER– I was a little hesitant to pay £24.00 for a moisturiser but boy this is really good! Firstly, the smell is incredible! It’s very orangey and fruity and does give you that energised feel. It’s quite a lightweight moisturiser that you can wear everyday and it does give you a nice glow without feeling sticky on the skin.

EDENS SEMILLA JOJOBA OIL*- I’ve never really used oils before for a fear of having a really greasy face and it increasing my acne. However, the science behind this is because of its waxy texture which is similar to that of sebum, it tricks your body into thinking you’ve produced another already and is supposed to halt the production of any more, which theoretically means less spots! I have found that this product does reduce the redness of my spots and so I like to use this every now and then to try calm down my acne breakouts.

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What are your skincare essentials? What has been your Summer saviour?