It feels like it’s been a little while since I did a beauty haul and that’s probably a good thing for my bank balance! I popped to White Rose over the weekend and picked up a couple of beauty bits, nothing too crazy! In all honesty I didn’t really need anything but considering how much I loved the two Urban Decay Vice lipsticks I picked up last time, I couldn’t help but pick up some more. Plus I snuck into Boots and raided the Seventeen counter again as I am absolutely loving their products at the moment.



I spoke previously about my love for the new launch of the Urban Decay Vice lipsticks and this love has still not faded away. The formula and consistency of these lipsticks are incredible. I previously picked up Backtalk and Interrogate, the former being a comfort matte finish and the latter, a cream finish. They are both super long-lasting and have such a great colour payoff. Needless to say I couldn’t leave the Urban Decay counter empty handed this time round either. I decided to stick with the formulas I had loved before. Sadly the shade 1993 was sold out as this is a bestseller. However, I managed to find Uptight which is a comfort matte finish in a lovely mauve/nude shade. I also picked up Wired which is a cream finish and in a lovely bright coral/red colour. This is very different to many of the lipsticks I own so I decided to give it a try.

dsc_0007 dsc_0011 dsc_0014


Now I’ve been eyeing up these eyeliners for ages! Every time I go into Boots I have a look at this range but always thought I wouldn’t be able to pull off an eyeliner that isn’t black. However, this time I decided to take the plunge and picked the eyeliner up in the bright blue Sapphire shade. The colour and intensity of these eyeliners are incredible. They really are vivid and stand out on the skin amazingly. I can’t wait to wear this on a night out. I’ve tried it on throughout the day and it stayed put all day long which is really good for £5.50! I’m definitely tempted to pick up some more of the shades – possible a yellow and also the red shade.



Seventeen is a brand that I have recently started using and am absolutely loving! They are really affordable but don’t skimp on quality. Their Phwoarr paint is one of my absolute favourite under eye concealers of all time. It’s such a lovely quick consistency and hides any dark circles you are suffering with. I am also running low on setting powder so I decided to give their Miracle Matte pressed powder a go. At £3.99, you can’t really go wrong! I also couldn’t help but pick up one of their Let’s Face It palettes as it was on offer. This looks perfect for travelling as it includes a yellow and pink concealer, a powder and also a cream blush. Complexion perfection! I also caught sight of the Barely makeup sponge in the corner of my eye on offer for £2.50 so I had to also this to my purchases as it normally retails for £9.99! Bargain! I do love a good beauty sponge so I couldn’t resist.


Let me know if you’ve tried the Urban Decay Vice lipsticks yet! What beauty buys have you been making this September?



Urban Decay is a brand I have always loved and had a soft spot for. They’re a beauty brand that has a great variety of shades and products that meets the needs of the masses but I feel also have a range of products that are a little more out there, a little more different and unique compared to any other beauty brand. They are by no means the cheapest brand and are much more expensive than your high street beauty buys, but I do feel like the prices Urban Decay charge are generally acceptable and understood when you try out any of their products are recognise the amazing quality they give. I can honestly say that I haven’t yet come across any of their products that I’ve been disappointed with. They have always been a worthwhile investment and they are a brand that I go back to time and time again. I honestly couldn’t fault the products I’ve tried in the past.


It’s probably no surprise that the first product of theirs that I tried was the infamous Naked palette (the original) and I instantly fell in love. The naked palette range is perfect, I feel, for everyone. Who doesn’t love a palette full of neutral shades and a mixture of mattes and shimmers? I still have the original palette and still to this day use it! More recently, was their smoky palette which I also adore and again has an amazing mix of mattes and shimmers and offers up the perfect going out smokey eye look. Unlike many eyeshadow palettes, I feel the brushes that come with the UD palettes are also of a really good quality (and as you can tell…are very well used!).

DSC_0067 DSC_0060

In comparison to the Naked palettes that are perfect for everyday and have a great combination of neutrals. Urban Decay are also infamous for their bright and bold eyeshadow palettes that pack a punch, especially in the shimmer department! I adore these palettes and whilst some of the shades are a bit more out there and not so suitable for everyday, I love them for a night out or for when I’m wanting to experiment with my makeup. The Alice in Wonderland palette is the perfect example of this – bringing the weird and wonderful together. Salazen Grum, the shimmery red shade is one of my absolute all time favourites. The shadow box is also a great palette full of shimmers and is the perfect size for travelling!


Fear not though, if you aren’t a massive fan of eyeshadows, because Urban Decay also have an amazing range of lipsticks. You may have recently heard the beauty world going mad for the launch of the ‘Lipstick vice’ collection. 100 shades. 6 different finishes. What more could a girl want? I honestly died and went to heaven when I saw the collection and I really had to refrain from going mental. Backtalk and Interrogate are both shades I picked up from the new collection and the finish on both of these are absolutely incredible. Honestly, the best lipsticks I own. They literally glide on and are so comfortable to wear. I will definitely be back for more, the only trouble is which shades to pick up next! They are also quite reasonably priced at £15.00 a pop for a lipstick you will love!


Last but by no means least, is the Naked skin concealer which I bought towards the start of the year. This is another product that was very heavily raved about in the beauty community and quite rightly so. The creamy formula of this concealer gives a great coverage for blemishes and to help target dark undereyes. There are of course a whole host of other products that Urban Decay have that I am yet to try! On my little wishlist is the 24/7 eye pencil, the All nighter setting spray, the ultra definition finishing powder and of course many, many more vice lipsticks!

Let me know if you have tried Urban Decay products, what is your absolute favourite from their collection? 



In my recent post you saw that I am addicted to the Alice Through The Looking Glass Palette. Well needless to say that when I picked that bad boy up I couldn’t help but also pick up one of the limited edition lipsticks from the new collection! There are 5 limited edition lipsticks which are a combination of matte and metalized and vary from a peachy tone to a bold blue shade. I decided to opt for the shade ‘ Mirana’ which is a matte berry shade with tonal shimmer.

This lipstick was £16.00 and is sadly currently out of stock on the website but you may still be able to pick this up in stores. This is quite a bold and dark shade which would be perfect for a night out/evening look. As I’ve found with most Urban Decay lipsticks, the formula is pretty creamy and gives a great colour payoff. I have to admit I’ve only worn it twice so far but have loved it from my first impressions. Each of the 5 lipsticks also comes in the Alice in Wonderland limited edition packaging which is a very bright and bold kaleidoscope effect tube. The rest of the collection includes ‘Alice’, a sheer nude with pink shift, ‘Mad Hatter’, a bright purple shimmer, ‘Time’, a gunmetal navy with silver shimmer and finally ‘Iracebeth’, a bright red matte. When I was in store the nude shade seemed to be incredibly pale and sheer and didn’t have much of a colour payoff unlike the other shades in the collection. I have to admit I am intrigued by the ‘Time’ shade although I don’t know if I dare try a blue lipstick!

DSC_0056 DSC_0059DSC_0063

Have you tried any of the Alice Through The Looking Glass Lipsticks? Are you a fan of Urban Decay’s limited edition collection?




“I’m not strange, weird, off, nor crazy, my reality is just different from yours”

Enter the Alice Through The Looking Glass Eyeshadow Palette! Sure this product may be a little gimmicky for some but my god I think it’s beautiful! I absolutely love the bright colours, the quotes and even the over extravagant and unnecessary pop up butterfly. This is of course the latest eyeshadow palette release from Urban Decay who are absolutely smashing it for me recently. They are such an innovative company who seem to be releasing incredible products one after the other. Whilst this is a limited edition piece and is based on the recently release Alice in Wonderland film, the product inside and the vast variety of shades is anything but limited. Their are such a variety of colours, both neutrals and bold pops of colour as well as a mix of both matte and shimmer shades.

DSC_0080 DSC_0082 DSC_0083

Their is such a combination of colours that can create both an everyday neutrals look as well as a look suited to a night out on the town. The colours are incredibly pigmented, especially the brighter shades and they certainly pack a punch. As with a lot of Urban Decay palettes, there is a little bit of fallout from the shadows and so I would suggest using a primer on the lid beforehand. The palette retails at £43.00 but is currently sold out on the website. My favourite shades so far are Lily which is a perfect inner corner highlight, Reflection which is great as a base colour and Salazen Grum for a pop of colour on the lid. As you may have guessed, all the shades are named after characters and objects from the Alice in Wonderland book. The palette is incredibly versatile and I would definitely recommend getting your hands on this if you can! Beyond the bright and bold packaging is a solid eyeshadow palette which can be put to amazing use!

Have you tried this palette? What are your favourite shades?


Now I know that this is a bold shout considering the Urban Decay Naked palettes are an absolute must have in every beauty collection. Last year they sold an estimated 5 million of the palettes which just proves how popular they are! But I genuinely think I may have found a palette that could be a serious contender to battle with the Naked palette! This comes in the form of the Laura Geller ‘The Delectables’ delicious shades of nude eye shadow palette. This palette retails at £35.00 which is a couple of pounds cheaper than the Naked palette and instead of having 12 shades, this palette has 14 beautiful shades with 4 mattes and 10 shimmers.


Unlike the Naked palettes which are predominantly browny shades, this palette has a a greater variety with a display of orangey, red, and even green shades – all incredibly wearable colours. Of course for those that don’t like shimmer shades, this won’t be the palette for you, but for those who dare to revel in the shimmery side of life then I would definitely recommend it! The eyeshadows are really buildable and also very blendable. I’ve tried all of the shades and I have to say as well, they last all day! Unlike some eyeshadows, especially shimmer ones, I find that a lot of the product ends up down my cheek and I end up shining but that’s not the case with this palette, they really do stay put.

DSC_0011 DSC_0012

Laura Geller is quickly becoming one of my favourite brands! I first tried the range at Christmas with the baked balance and brighten foundation powder which is an every day favourite of mine. I was somewhat sceptical at first as it wasn’t a brand I’d heard of but I honestly can’t recommend it enough! Even better – it’s a brand that seems to be available in most department stores and is easily available!










DSC_0023Brown Sugar/Mahogany

Let me know in the comments whether you’ve tried this palette or even this brand before!